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Toilet Repairs in New Jersey

toilet repairs in new jerseyIs your toilet running? Do you have a clogged toilet? Is your toilet currently inefficient? Pruzansky Plumbing offers professional and affordable toilet repairs in New Jersey. Our expert plumbers can handle any toilet repair, big or small. We are here to assist you with any and all toilet repairs that you need. If you need your toilet replaced, our plumbers do that too! Don’t let just any New Jersey plumber service your toilet, let the plumbing company that has been in business for over 100 years repair your broken toilet. We have fast, reliable and affordable toilet repairs for the home or your commercial building. Pruzansky Plumbing can repair your toilet in Union County, Bergen county, Monmouth County, Passaic, Hudson County, and Essex.

Our toilet repair services include:

Toilet is continually running. If the water in your toilet is running continually, it probably means that your flush valve needs to be replaced. The flush valve is usually a flapper ball, but can be a different device depending on the age of your toilet. Another reason your toilet won’t stop running can be a faulty float ball. These can be quick fixes for the trained New Jersey plumber, so give Pruzansky a call today!

Clogged toilet. A clogged toilet requires immediate attention. Our plumbers can clear your clogged toilet, and get your toilet flushing properly again.

Toilet leaks. A toilet that leaks around the base of the unit usually means that the seal is broken between the toilet and the floor. If this is the case, the gasket needs to be replaced.

We currently do residential and commercial toilet repairs. Call us for any toilet needs!

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