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Hot Water Heater Repair in New Jersey

hot water heater repair new jerseyA hot water heater is easy to forget about, yet essential to your home. You don’t realize it’s there until it suddenly stops working. Keeping a regular water heater maintenance schedule will uphold performance, use less energy and last longer. Pruzansky Plumbing offers same-day service of hot water heater repairs if necessary. We can repair or service your old water heater, or install an entirely new system that meets your needs and your home or commercial building’s specifications, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and long lasting value.

Our home plumbing professionals can drain your tank to remove any sediment, inspect the tank and connections for rust, wear, or corrosion, replace worn anode rods, check the pressure relief valve, and more.

Over time, water heaters can build up sediment that damages the tank. If you find that your tank’s water has bits of metal or rust in it, call Pruzansky Plumbing immediately for hot water heater repair services. These particles probably indicate the anode rod needs to be replaced. The anode rod attracts chemicals in the water and keeps them from rusting away the tank liner.

If you touch your hot water heater, and it’s hot, you may need to insulate your water heater. We can install insulation to your hot water heater at a low cost. We also do professional hot water heater inspection. One of our service professionals will conduct a thorough water heater inspection upon arrive. We currently conduct hot water heater repairs in Passaic County, Monmouth County, Hudson County, Essex County, Union County and Bergen County.


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