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Faucet Repair in New Jersey

faucet repair new jerseyWe get every day use out of our faucet, so it should not be a surprise that they will begin to leak and drip. If you have a leaking or dripping faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, Pruzansky Plumbing can help. Don’t waste any more water! Get your faucet repairs by New Jersey’s premier plumbing company.

We repair the following types of faucets:

  • Compression faucets – These types of faucets have washers and seals that can fail under constant pressure and can be replaced.
  • Disc faucets – These types of faucets leak when the inlet and outlet seals erode or when sediment builds up in the faucet inlets.
  • Cartridge faucets –These types of faucets leak when the O-ring that cushions the cartridge stem wears out or breaks. When they drip it might mean the cartridge needs replacing.
  • Ball faucets – These types of faucets drip when the inlet seals erode and leak when the O-rings wear or break.

If you’re not sure what type of faucet you have or need your faucet repaired right away, don’t wait to call! We repair and replace all types of faucets, working with professional-grade products and quality consumer brands. Our trained professionals will quickly and efficiently replace or repair your kitchen or bathroom faucet.


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